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Financial Audit

A financial statement audit is an audit of the annual financial statements of the Company. Different firms need this type of audit for different reasons: legislative requirement, to strengthen an investment or credit project, at the request of the owners, and so on. We are ready to provide you with an audit of the financial statements of all types of firms

Tax Audit

We offer tax audits of current and past periods, which will allow you to have financial and tax documentation in order. You will be able to not be afraid of tax audits and avoid the risk of thousands of fines and penalties. We detect possible irregularities, and help our clients to fully and accurately fulfill their tax obligations to the state and to continue to do their business in peace

We offer declaration preparation services to companies of different fields and sizes. Maybe your firm is in its initial stage and you have a small number of operations or you are just the owner/manager of a large-scale firm. Our universal service allows everyone to get away from the hard, unpleasant, and tense work for you

Calculate and declare monthly (income, profit, VAT, excise) and annual (profit, property) taxes based on the information provided by the customer

We offer tax risk identification and management services. After getting acquainted with the customer’s activities in detail, his tax risks are identified. Within the framework of this service, the customer will also be presented with possible ways to solve the identified tax risks. However, the choice of actions is entirely up to the customer

Calculate, compare and evaluate business tax risks. We will help you plan your tax policy in advance, evaluate different alternatives and work out the optimal option in agreement with you

Tax audits are often accompanied by fines. We can engage as a client advocate at any stage of a tax dispute. We will protect your interests in case of ongoing disputes in the system of the Ministry of Finance, as well as in the case of disputes in the court system

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Inventory of properties

Inventory of fixed assets, investment property and long-term tangible assets

Trade and manufacturing inventory

Inventory of trade and production material stocks. Services include inventory of goods, raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products


We are introducing all major accounting software systems in Georgia




35 Customer enterprise or organization


Experienced professional in the field of accounting

VAT - changes

Free delivery of goods by a taxable person, if he does not include VAT on these goods or services rendered, and / or rendering services free of charge, if the taxable person does not provide these services for the personal use of his hired person or for a purpose other than his own purpose, from 2021 It is no longer considered a transaction subject to VAT (according to Tax Code 159).

Financial reporting

The enterprises are obliged to submit financial statements to no later than October 1 of the year following the reporting period. For the first time this year, the fourth category of enterprises is obliged to "submit the financial statements for 2020 no later than October 1, 2021, together with the comparable years" (2018,2019). Exceptions are individual entrepreneurs in Category IV (Law on Accounting, Reporting and Auditing).

Property tax

The legal entity shall submit the property tax return to the relevant tax authority no later than April 1 of the year following the reporting year and shall pay the property tax upon submission of the return. The property tax return shall include the average book value of the taxable property for the reporting year. As for the land, it will be included in the property tax according to the current tax year. For example, the property declaration for 2020 must be submitted by April 1, 2021, and we will enter the land as of April 1, 2021.

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